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Vocabulary - Using a Dictionary

Use a dictionary to look up the meanings of any words you don't know.


1. Which of these is most likely to be a part of your heritage?

a. the way you and your family celebrate a holiday
b. a sudden case of the flu
c. a dream that you can’t remember
d. your plot to hide a mouse in your sister’s bed


2. Which of the following does not help to define a nation’s culture?

a. clothing
b. music
c. religion
d. literature
e. sports and entertainment
f. language
g. shape of circles


3. When you progress, you _______.

a. move forward to a better condition
b. put on working clothes
c. fail to eat healthy food
d. look for insects in your socks


4. Which is an example of adversity?

a. finding a five dollar bill
b. a war
c. a special song
d. a happy celebration


5. Which word is a synonym of “blend”?

a. plain
b. bow
c. mixture
d. cook


6. If you abolish something, you _______.

a. make it shiny
b. say it’s bad
c. defend it
d. get rid of it


7. If you enrich something, you _______.

a. make it cost less
b. make it better
c. destroy it
d. want it too much

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