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Reading Comprehension
Volume 1, Number 3, September 23, 1996

A Real Friend

Thank you so much, 'cause you’re always there;
You walk beside me, so I’m not alone;
You wag your tail to tell me you care;
You’re more like a friend than a pet that I own.

Thank you so much for the love that you’ve shown;
No matter what happens, you don’t turn away.
The best kind of "person" that I’ve ever known,
You’re someone I love, more than these words can say.

1. This poem is addressed to a _____.
a. brother or sister
b. parent
c. dog
d. cat

2. The poet probably _____.
a. is more comfortable around people than animals
b. thinks that some animals are kinder than many people
c. won’t eat hot dogs
d. lives on a farm

3. Why are quotation marks used in the next to last line of the poem?
a. They are used to show that the poem is almost over.
b. They are used to show that a person is talking.
c. They are used to show that someone is asking a very important question.
d. They are used because a dog isn’t really a person, but is like a
person in an important way.

4. It is NOT possible to tell that the poet believes:
a. A human can love an animal.
b. An animal can love a human.
c. All people are mean.
d. Dogs can let people know how they feel.

5. In the first line, the word "you’re" means _____.
a. belonging to you
b. you are
c. you are here
d. you never

6. The poem has NOTHING to do with _____.
a. friendship
b. love
c. loyalty
d. money


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