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Reading Comprehension
Volume 3, Number 21, February 9, 1998

A Story Starter:

. . . Tremor Troll couldn't wait to go to school on a bright and chilly February morning. His class was having a Valentine's Day party. Tremor loved parties. He would get to eat all kinds of goodies. His mother had made a big bag of his favorite dessert, liver chip cookies, for the party. What a great day this would be!
. . . There was one thing about the party that Tremor was looking forward to even more than the food. Everyone would be exchanging Valentine cards. Tremor had made a special card for Trogella Troll, the girl of his dreams.
. . . Tremor was very proud of that card. He had drawn a picture of Trogella and himself, standing together, framed by a big heart. Inside the card, he'd neatly written the most romantic poem he had ever created.

. . . “No other girl is the least bit like you.
. . . You are more dusty and scarier too.
. . . Your hair is so green and your eyes are so red.
. . . You smell even better than moldy old bread!”

. . . Tremor couldn’t help but wonder what kind of card Trogella had made for him. She hardly seemed to notice him in school. Still, he had high hopes that she would give him a card that was as special as the one he had made for her.

True or False:

1. Tremor enjoyed parties.
2. Tremor hated cookies.
3. Tremor’s favorite thing at any party was eating goodies.
4. Tremor was too young to draw or write.
5. Tremor believed that he did a good job in creating Trogella’s card.
6. Tremor hoped that Trogella would give him a special card.
7. Tremor knew that Trogella liked him very much.
8. The Valentine’s Day party was going to be at Trogella’s house.

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